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Is your Organization Ready to Handle Cyber-Attacks?

Your company can face many challenges against cyberattacks. This blog emphasizes the use of a total solution like that of InfomazeOne to protect your business.

Today, 68 per cent of business companies feel that their business cybersecurity risks are increasing, according to an Accenture report. Their fears are not baseless. In the past decade, we’ve witnessed the rise of cybersecurity threats as one of the top concerns for organizations of all sizes. A University of Maryland study found that computers were attacked and data was breached about 2,244 times a day or every 39 seconds on average. IDC’s Worldwide Security Spending Guide estimates that the global expenditure on cyber protection related hardware, software and other services will reach nearly $133.8 billion in 2022. That amounts to a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 9.2% between 2018 and 2022. Being hit by a business cyberattack can prove to be a pricey affair for organizations. According to the Poneman Institute’s Data Breach Report, internet attacks can cost a whopping $3.92 million on average in 2019. This figure shows a 12 per cent jump between 2014 and 2019. As cyber-attacks continue to proliferate the news cycle, targeting both small businesses and large corporations, companies that earlier didn’t see a need to invest in cybersecurity solutions involving training and prevention are progressively focusing in on one question, “Are we prepared in the event of a cyber-attack?” And, resoundingly, the answer is a no. Cybersecurity readiness includes establishing a complex and proactive strategy that goes far beyond a basic response plan, although research shows that multiple businesses don’t have one of those in place either.


Although companies today do understand the threat that they are facing, finding a data breach protection solution to guarantee total security for your business isn’t always easy. InfomazeOne identified several challenges that your company might encounter:

Emerging Threat Landscape

Cybercriminals are getting more innovative every day, and are unfortunately finding new ways to steal data and money. As a result, we witness new types of threats evolving every day from phishing attempts to crypto mining to new kinds of malware. Subsequently, companies are exposed to new vulnerabilities daily.

Delays in Identifying Breaches

Discovering that your company’s data has been breached isn’t always easy. Most attackers enter an organization’s network through its weakest link and then move laterally through the organization’s infrastructure. This makes the time lapse between the initial breach and the discovery important. However, according to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report of 2019, 56 per cent of breaches in 2018 took months or longer to be discovered.

New Technologies Imply New Threats


As your company embraces more digital technologies and connected devices, the number of security vulnerabilities and challenges also increases. Further, the transition from on-premise to cloud models creates its own set of challenges. The WEF (World Economic Forum) ranked cyber-attacks as one of the top risks that worried executives globally in 2019. The primary reason cited was that the physical convergence of offensive AI, IoT, data security, cloud computing, and online channel threats is prone to emerge as a growth area for cybercrime.

The Balance between Privacy and Security

With the development of new privacy regulations, maintaining the balance between privacy and security can be a huge challenge for your company.

Lack of Skilled Professionals

As the cybersecurity landscape is becoming increasingly complex, following it requires domain expertise and certain specialized skills. But there is a huge skills gap in the industry when it comes to the availability of trained data breach protection solutions to prevent cyber-attacks. InfomazeOne fills this gap by providing best-in-class cyber protection solutions for your company.

Preparing For The Future

When it comes to addressing the looming cybersecurity threat in 2020, there are several steps that your company can take. Embrace emerging technologies like artificial intelligence to counter new threats as well as to ward off cyber-attacks. AI can also prove to be extremely valuable in detecting zero-day attacks and patterns.

Training and awareness to play a crucial role. Thus, your company can benefit from investing in InfomazeOne’s infrastructure security services to turn your business into API-powered digital infrastructure platforms. This will make your infrastructure secure by detecting vulnerabilities, glitches, DoS and unorganized data components.

Further, we include security deployments such as two-factor authentication, passwords, the recommended anti-malware and anti-virus suites, policies on regular updates of software, firewalls and network monitoring mechanisms, list of whitelisted apps, and a security incident response plan. As the world becomes more digital than ever, cybersecurity is set to become even more crucial for companies. Being prepared is critical!

InfomazeOne provides effective business cybersecurity solutions that you can implement company-wide to prevent cyber-attacks. We provide the most efficient services such as Ransomware prevention and recovery, Penetration testing, Managed Security Services, Vulnerability management services and Data privacy and governance. InfomazeOne also performs routine security assessments and follow precautionary protocols to shield your company from possible cyber-attacks.

Use InfomazeOne’s cybersecurity solutions as we include end-user empowerment and awareness services. With tools and training to make you more aware of potential threats and how to avoid them, InfomazeOne helps you enlist your employees as valuable security assets. We provide advanced security services to stop advanced threats like ransomware and spear-phishing, as well as traditional threats like viruses, malware, spam and data leaks. InfomazeOne uses sophisticated threat intelligence and multi-layer detection engines to neutralize threats before they reach your email system.

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