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Employees Getting Back to Work? Consider These Cybersecurity Risks!


Cybersecurity has been a crucial thing for any kind of organization in today’s times, to protect the hardware and software, and any other electronic data from being disrupted or damaged. Cybersecurity risk management is seen to be an essential tool in the current times of the pandemic when people are working remotely and the organizations have to reduce a lot of restrictions on their policies.

COVID-19’s Impact on Cybersecurity

IT and Cybersecurity post COVID-19 are really important now that the offices are beginning to come back to normalcy and workforces are coming back to offices. And it is crucial for the companies to protect the workforces and redesign the policies and processes accordingly. As per the latest research, around 23% of the business leaders have confirmed a breach in the security and cyber attacks have increased due to the remote work, and 81% believe that cybersecurity is very essential in the current scenario. Despite the threats due to the remote work, the companies have to be functional and running, to save themselves from being shut down. And thus below are few solutions to be considered in this case.

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Ensure Network Security

A lot of time, energy, and monetary resources have gone into ensuring the safety of hardware and software of most of the companies that are functioning despite the lockdowns. And these security features are not anymore useful in the current pandemic and remote working. To overcome this challenge, the Virtual Private Network of the company can be used. Authentication and passwords should be mandatory for the usage. Employees should not use the public WiFi as it is harmful. InfomazeOne provides many security countermeasures and affordable defense solutions.

Protection from Phishing and Ransomware

The hackers and attackers of the cyber world have already started taking advantage of the corporate employees, knowing that they are working from home, and are not protected by the cybersecurity risk management of companies anymore. Employees are not able to comprehend the potential threats and authenticity of the requests, needing a remote work cybersecurity in place. Employees should be given enough training to deal with such threats like phishing, malware, and ransomware, and they should know the damage it can do to the system. Policies to deal with cyber-attacks should be in place, and someone from the information technology team should be appointed to help the members in times of need. InfomazeOne’s security and risk management services help to prevent cyberattacks.

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Response Plan for Cyber-attacks

There should be a response plan designed by your company to deal with Cybersecurity Post COVID-19. You should check if it is functional remotely or does it need any other physical resource intervention. If it is not there, then the company should first invest in one and also opt for a cyber insurance policy to prevent cyberattacks. These provisions can help the fight the cyber crimes and deal with it more smartly.

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Use of Personal Systems

Many companies have made provisions for the remote work for employees. This has increased the COVID-19’s impact on Cybersecurity. However, managing cyber risk is difficult as the employees are allowed to use their own devices. When these personal devices access the company network, it can be really harmful to the infrastructure of the company. Over and above the phones and computers, storage devices that are connected to the network are potential IT security threats to the organizations. And hence, before such devices are brought in the office and integrated into the network, any potential threat of the malware or ransomware should be checked by the IT team and a segregated network should be allotted for these devices not owned and regulated by the company.

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Importance of Cybersecurity Risk Management

All the businesses are trying to withstand the pandemic and are coping up with the financial crises arising due to it. In these times, companies are not focusing much on the cybersecurity as they are just trying to remain operational and productive. However, it should be reminded to the business leaders that the potential threats of the cyber-attacks and breach in the system will result in a huge monetary loss, over and above the loss of goodwill of the business. This will result in losing important business clients, and hence give importance to the cybersecurity is equally important.

The bottom line is, cybersecurity risk management has always been essential for the modern business operations, and the importance of remote work cybersecurity is undeniable especially in the current times. And managing cyber risk has never been so easy because of InfomazeOne’s security and risk assessment.

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