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Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Solutions from InfomazeOne

In today’s digital world, companies know the importance of keeping their data safe. However, what most of them don’t know is that small complications can wreak havoc. Were the worst to happen, could you confidently say that you had data backup and recovery services in place to ensure that our business isn’t threatened? Business continuity and disaster recovery planning are critical for your business.

Business Continuity Planning

In an IT framework, business continuity is the ability of your company to stay online and deliver services and products in case of disruptive events, like communication failures, cyberattacks and natural disasters. The crux of this notion is business continuity planning, a detailed strategy that includes every facet of your company and well-defined operations for maintaining business availability. InfomazeOne’s business continuity management software includes planning how to control your critical operations such as sales, IT, and support during and after a disruption.

InfomazeOne’s business continuity solutions comprise of the following elements:

Threat Analysis

Threat analysis identifies potential disruptions with the potential damage they can cause to your company’s resources. Few examples of threats with its potential impacts include:

Power outages and the inability it creates to access servers

Natural disasters that damage critical infrastructure

Cyberattacks which results in network downtime and data theft

Role Assignment

All companies require a detailed chain of commands and alternative plans to deal with the crunch of employees in a troubling scenario. Employees should be cross-trained on their responsibilities as this enables them to fill in for one another. Internal departments such as IT, marketing, human resources should be broken down into teams according to their responsibilities and skills. Using InfomazeOne’s business continuity management software, team leaders can assign duties and roles to individuals based on your company’s threat analysis.


InfomazeOne’s communication strategy defines how information should be disseminated instantly during and following a disruptive event. Our strategy includes:

Means of communication such as email, phone, text messages, etc.

Firm points of contact, i.e. managers and team leaders responsible for communicating with your staff.

Methods for contacting employee family members, government regulators, media, etc.


From electrical power to data and communication, every critical business component should have InfomazeOne’s data backup and recovery services that include:

Data backups stored in various locations. This averts the loss of both the backup and original copies at once.

Backup power sources like inverters and generators that are provisioned to handle power outages.

Backup communications like text messaging and mobile phones to replace landlines and backup services such as cloud email services to replace on-premise servers.

Load Balancing

Load balancing is a preventative feature. Our business continuity solutions asserts this by allocating incoming requests across several backend servers in your data centre. This facilitates redundancy in case of a server failure, establishing continuous application uptime.

Disaster Recovery Planning

In spite of your best efforts, few disasters simply cannot be allayed. A disaster recovery plan acts as your second line of defense that allows you to bounce back from the worst disruptions with minimal damage.

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Disaster recovery planning

Disaster recovery planning deals with the rehabilitation of operations after a major disruption. InfomazeOne’s disaster recovery services are defined by RPO and RTO factors.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

RTO is the acceptable downtime for crucial components and functions, i.e., the highest time it should take to restore operations. InfomazeOne assigns different RTOs to each of your business components based on their priority.

Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

RPO is the point to which your state of operations should be restored after a disruption. Linked to backup data, RPO is the oldest age and level of staleness it can possess. For instance, network servers updated hourly must have an RPO of a maximum of 59 minutes to prevent data loss.


Failover is the swapping of primary and backup systems in case of an outage, failure, or downtime. It is a key component of InfomazeOne’s business continuity solutions and disaster recovery plans. Our failover system addresses both RPO and RTO goals by keeping backup data and infrastructure ready. InfomazeOne’s data backup and recovery services seamlessly kick in to shield end-users from service degradations.

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Disaster recovery solutions - InfomazeOne

InfomazeOne’s technological prowess and SLA (service level agreement), a reflection of the former, isolates interruptions from getting in the way of your company’s growth. Our business continuity management software and disaster recovery plans have your back with consistent business recovery and operations preparation that is customized for your business requirements and data backup and recovery services that provides an additional protective layer for your critical data. We not only back up your data regularly in multiple locations but also restore in just a few minutes.

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